The Book of CarolSue

Written by:
Lynne Hugo

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
9 hours 23 minutes
Award-winning author Lynne Hugo returns with a life-affirming, poignant novel in the spirit of A Man
Called Ove—a story brimming with both wit and warmth about how a family gets on … and goes on.

CarolSue and her sister, Louisa, are best friends, but haven’t had much in common since CarolSue married Charlie,
moved to Atlanta, and swapped shoes covered with Indiana farm dust and chicken poop for fresh pedicures and
afternoon bridge. Louisa, meanwhile, loves her farm and animals as deeply as she’d loved Harold, her late husband of
forty years.

Charlie’s sudden death leaves CarolSue so adrift that she surrenders to Louisa’s plan for her to move back home. But
canning vegetables and feeding chickens are alien to CarolSue, and after stumbling onto a secret Louisa’s been keeping
from her, CarolSue resolves to return to Atlanta—until Louisa’s son, Reverend Gary, arrives with an abandoned infant
and a dubious story. He begs the women to look after the baby while he locates the mother—a young immigrant who
fears deportation.

Keeping his own secrets, Gary enlists the aid of the sheriff, Gus, in the search. But CarolSue’s bond with the baby
is undeniable, and she forms an unconventional secret plan of her own. Only Gary knows about the outsider with the
power to explode their lives. How many mistakes can be redeemed?
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