Boundaries with Kids: How Healthy Choices Grow Healthy Children

Narrated by:
Henry O. Arnold

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2019
7 hours 22 minutes
Discover how setting biblical boundaries can improve your parenting and your relationship with your children.

Join Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend, authors of the New York Times bestseller Boundaries, as they share the research and guidance you need to raise your kids to take responsibility for their actions and emotions and enable them to lead balanced, productive, and fulfilling adult lives.

The tools and guidance provided in Boundaries with Kids will change the way you view healthy boundaries, no matter where you are in your parenting journey. You'll learn how to:

- Define appropriate boundaries and consequences for your kids.
- Set limits and still be a loving parent.
- Bring balance to an out-of-control family life.
- Understand the six steps to implementing boundaries in your home.


Using biblically backed principles, including respect, stewardship, and self-control, Drs. Cloud and Townsend share the lessons they've learned firsthand after decades of working with families across the country. With wisdom and empathy, they take you through the ins and outs of instilling the kind of character in your children that will help them lead Godly lives.
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Donna P.

Great resource for anyone who is responsible for impacting children.

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Stephanie E.

I have 5 children and 2 are now adults. Im thankful for this book, wish I had read it sooner. However, I am applying what Ive learned with my 3 younger children they are 9, 11, &12. Great book, highly recomended!

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Julius B.

not nearly as good as cloud's other books. strongly disagree when he says "parenting is a temporary job". i understand he means at some point you turn over responsibility but he words it poorly and makes it seem like if you want to be a mentor and supporter to your children after they turn 17 you are some sort of needy control freak, but what is love without the fruits of love?

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Mallory S.

This book is SUCH an eye opener. It taught me what I was doing with the development of my child. Be warned! The book is under the category "Christian Lifestyle", so it uses the Bible and quotes it often, but I overlooked that so I would be open to learn and understand. Great read! Would recommend.

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