The Boy in the Black Suit

Written by:
Jason Reynolds
Narrated by:
Corey Allen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2015
7 hours 50 minutes
Just when seventeen-year-old Matt thinks he can't handle one more piece of terrible news, he meets a girl who's dealt with a lot more-and who just might be able to clue him in on how to rise up when life keeps knocking him down-in this wry, gritty novel from the author of When I Was the Greatest. Matt wears a black suit every day. No, not because his mom died-although she did, and it sucks. But he wears the suit for his gig at the local funeral home, which pays way better than the Cluck Bucket, and he needs the income since his dad can't handle the bills (or anything, really) on his own. So while Dad's snagging bottles of whiskey, Matt's snagging fifteen bucks an hour. Not bad. But everything else? Not good. Then Matt meets Lovey. She's got a crazy name, and she's been through more crazy than he can imagine. Yet Lovey never cries. She's tough. Really tough. Tough in the way Matt wishes he could be. Which is maybe why he's drawn to her, and definitely why he can't seem to shake her. Because there's nothing more hopeful than finding a person who understands your loneliness-and who can maybe even help take it away.
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It was okay and a repeat for me because I’ve read it before.

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This was an interesting read. I enjoyed reading this story but I wanted more from of the ending.

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Francois S.

I really enjoyed this different kind of book. Well different for me anyway. Lovely story and insight of life in a different place and setting. The ending was a little abrupt though so I feel it could end better.

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Karla H.

Enjoyed listening to narration of this book. The storyline provided a vivid view of the journey this young man goes through when he looses a parent and the support group needed to help him get through it.

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good book, i enjoyed the book

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A sad story, sensitively told, and ultimately positive. Really enjoyed it and gave me lots to think about - a different kind of coming of age story. It ended rather abruptly - I was happy for it to go on a lot longer but was also appropriate when I think of it. You knew he was going to be OK in the end.

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Kimberly P.

I enjoyed this book. No crazy drama but, a really lovely coming of age story. Likeable characters.

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This was a hard one to finish; however, I made it through to the end. It's extremely slow throughout.

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