The Boys: Volume 4 [Dramatized Adaptation]

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2021
4 hours 54 minutes
'Butcher discovers Hughie’s relationship with Annie the Starlight, and a new executive at Vought starts to climb up the ranks. Butcher decides to test where Hughie’s loyalties lie but does it behind the rest of the teams’ back.

At a Christian/Supe convention Hughie discovers Annie’s powers and The Homelander moves forward with his plans. Hughie then leaves for Scotland to see his family and decide if he should stay with The BOYS.

Comics Issues Adapted to GraphicAudio containing What I Know, The Innocents, Believe, and Highland Laddie.

Performed by Michael John Casey, Eric Messner, Dave Coyne, Laura C. Harris, KenYatta Rogers, Kimberly Gilbert, Matthew Bassett, Richard Rohan, Henry Kramer, Terence Aselford, Matthew Schleigh, Christopher Walker, Jonathan Church, Keith Richards, Nick DePinto, Jessica Lauren Ball, Carolyn Kashner, Emily Beresford, James J. Johnson, Catherine Aselford, James Lewis, Steven Carpenter, Colleen Delany, Jonathan Watkins, David Zitney, Nanette Savard, Steve Wannall, Bradley Smith, and Elaine Yuko Qualter.'
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