Bright of the Moon

Unabridged Audiobook

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September 2021
8 hours 0 minutes
Most would say the 'sweet' and 'quiet' Signorina Arabella Belmonte has lived a quiet life as a young noblewoman in her family's castello. But little do they know she pens treatises criticizing the realm's warmongers . . . and now there's a price on her head. As she struggles to hide her seditious activities, a chance encounter with a unicorn leaves her with four hooves and a horn of her own-and a form she can't control. The dark-elf queen has offered her a chance to acquire that control . . . if Bella can find the unicorn who turned her.

Prince Dhuro of Nightbloom has never met a problem he couldn't solve with his fists-that is, until he fought his sister for a place in the army's elite forces and lost. When the light-elves defeated them and his father was executed, Dhuro's inner demons laid claim to the whole of him. Now Immortal beasts are growing in power and threatening his people.

Dhuro has a chance to help his people win, but his mother, the queen, sends him on a fool's errand instead-helping a human newly turned unicorn find her sire, and asking the impossible: whether the Elder of the pacifistic unicorns will stand with them against the beasts ravaging his people.

Contains mature themes.
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Janelle J.

A good enemies to lovers story. At first they hate each other, he’s grumpy and she’s naive. That turns into hot sex, they nearly collide into each other with lust. That turns into protection, a lot of “he/she deserves better than me” and also physically trying to protect each other from their enemies. That turns into love. Throw in some unicorn magic and past lover drama.

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Kimberly G.

so this is book 2 and I thought I had read book 1 but I had not. I did enjoyed listening but I do need to go back so the story make a little more sense, besides that I would probably recommend.

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Caroline Green

After "No Man Can Tame" I thought it would be difficult to surpass! This did! I loved the twists and turns in the relationship between Bella and Dhouro and the interactions of all the characters! Bella is a strong willed and independent woman, who has lost love, and Dhouro a broken man! Together they need to find themselves and each other before they collapse from hurt and betrayal! A really great read that has me even more hooked on the author!! I look forward to more in this series!! Just finished listening to the audiobook version and enjoyed the tale every bit as much as previously! I did find the reader a bit irritating initially but she grew on me once I stopped 'hearing' HER and listened to the story she was telling. She has all the emotional range required for a book like this and uses it effectively, along with characterisation of each person in the tale! A good listen too!!

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Deborah D.

I love a story that features a dark fae, and this is one of the best. Bella and Dhuro are interesting characters. There is always some intrigue in Miranda's books that will keep you glued to the story until the very end. I want more of these dark fae characters.

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Krysti K.

This is book two in a spin-off of Miranda’s Blade and Rose series, but you don’t need to read either the main series or book one, No Man Can Tame, to enjoy this story, it just adds to it. My main complaint with this version of the story is the narrator, Dara Rosenberg. At the beginning, the story reading speed seems very rushed. She gets better as the book comes to an end. Generally, I enjoy listening to an audiobook to hear the “correct” pronunciation of the created fantasy words, and Dara did a good job at that, but I didn’t really get a feel for the story through her lack of inflection and pacing. My complaint with the story is that the whole point to learn to control her powers. At the end of the book, she is able to control one aspect of them, but how about all her other powers? She leaves the unicorn clan (herd?) almost as soon as she gets there. No plan in place to further her training. Possibly this will get addressed in a forthcoming book, but so far each book seems focused on a particular couple with only a slight overlap.

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Jessica R.

OMG!!! I loved this story. I loved the pace of the story, I was hooked from the beginning. Bella and Dhuro are great characters. Enjoyed how they both over came their past and trust issues. How they argue with each other and challenge each other, the love they feel for each other was just entertaining. I love how the author made the world come alive for me. Love scenes were vey tasteful. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. Highly recommend this book.

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I really enjoyed book one in this series and was eager to get my hands on book two! I was expecting it to follow a similar romantic pace as the first book, was was surprised by the passion that ignited early on. I loved the banter and playfulness mixed with all the emotions and feelings. I like the way Miranda writes the story and the more explicit scenes in a very tasteful yet steamy way. I loved the twists and turns and found the story very unpredictable. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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