Brit vs. Scot

Brit vs. Scot

Written by:
Anna Durand
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2021
7 hours 57 minutes
She's caught between a hot Brit and a hot Scot. Let the battle commence.

I'm in love with my best friend, but Jessica O'Connor sees me as only a friend. The fact that we had sex once and it was bloody awful doesn't help. But she finally ended her engagement with Domhnall Sterling, the Scot she took up with two years ago. Do I have a chance now? Maybe. If I can show her that we have chemistry. The sort that will burn so hot she'll forget all about that damn Scot.

Grey Dixon has been my best friend since college. He's sweet and smart, the kind of guy I would love to fall for. I do love Grey, but not in that way. Well, probably not. If only we had sexual chemistry…

When Jessica's ex turns up at my brother's wedding, all bets are off. I will do whatever it takes to stop her from going back to that kilt-wearing cretin. I'll even take advice from my brother, which might turn out to be my worst mistake yet.

A wedding at a nudist resort? With her ex, my brother, and a horde of Scots? No, that doesn't sound like a disaster in the making at all.

Brit vs. Scot is a multi-series crossover book featuring characters from three bestselling worlds—Hot Brits, Hot Scots, and the Au Naturel Trilogy. Don't miss the battle of the century! And the crossover action continues in The American Wives Club.
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