Release Date
June 2020
5 hours 46 minutes
Matt Bodine and Sam Two Wolves were hard on a trail that led them deeper and deeper into Apache territory toward the Mexican border where a bunch of varmints, desperate men who hire out to most anybody to most anything, were operatin' two of the scummiest dodges in the west. Running guns to the Apache and white-slaving kidnapped children. Matt and Sam had hooked up with two companions along the way, a prideful mountain man who'd lost his granddaughter in an Indian raid and a miss searchin' for her brother, taken by the Apache a while back. With outlaws ahead of them and warring Apache on every side, the four figgered they were choppin' in some high cotton. But they knew they'd attack that next of sidewinders hell-for-leather with every gun ablaze and after the gunsmoke blew away whatever might be left of those owlhoots wouldn't be worth buryin'!
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