The Butterfly Garden

Written by:
Dot Hutchison
Narrated by:
Lauren Ezzo , Mel Foster

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2016
9 hours 13 minutes
An Amazon Charts bestseller.

Near an isolated mansion lies a beautiful garden.

In this garden grow luscious flowers, shady trees…and a collection of precious “butterflies”—young women who have been kidnapped and intricately tattooed to resemble their namesakes. Overseeing it all is the Gardener, a brutal, twisted man obsessed with capturing and preserving his lovely specimens.

When the garden is discovered, a survivor is brought in for questioning. FBI agents Victor Hanoverian and Brandon Eddison are tasked with piecing together one of the most stomach-churning cases of their careers. But the girl, known only as Maya, proves to be a puzzle herself.

As her story twists and turns, slowly shedding light on life in the Butterfly Garden, Maya reveals old grudges, new saviors, and horrific tales of a man who’d go to any length to hold beauty captive. But the more she shares, the more the agents have to wonder what she’s still hiding…
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Erin G.

I can’t even get into this book enough to finish it. The narrators are plain and in several parts it hops from one narrator to the other mid sentence.

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Kim schlegel

I loved both narrators. I really enjoyed this books great plot and good characters but it's just missing something. I wish there had been more character development with some characters. The ending was a little underwhelming.

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Anastasiya Johnson

Absolutely rubbish! This book is from the "Mystery & Thriller" category. It should be transferred to "Fantasy". It's doesn't have realistic scenery, characters, or dialog. I am very sorry I wasted my money on this book.

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I loved this, but I wish the ending had a little more kick and darkness. Parts of it were great but it had potential for more.

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This book is not for everyone. It’s pretty disturbing. But aside from that, it was kind of like an old time late Saturday night B movie. You watch it, and it’s entertaining enough because there’s nothing else to do. But you don’t invite your friends to come over for a movie night .

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Judi Jeanotte

interesting plot good characters, but I thought the end was a bit much. Narration was very good.

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Michele H.

This book was great!! I finished it in 2 days

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Holly Leach

This book is the reason you get that "trigger warning" in the description. No spoilers here. This book is dark and gritty. It can be difficult to read. That being said, it is extremely well written. The characters are great, the pacing is great, and honestly it's hard to put down. Best book in the series, IMO.

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Read it twice. If you love graphic/scary concepts and great visuals please read. Not for someone who gets the creeps. Great book. Best in the series.

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Katherine K.

This book was terrible. There was no point at all. It was so far fetched and ridiculous. I can’t NOT finish a book so I suffered through it. Don’t make the same mistake I did. The characters were completely unbelievable and didn’t speak in any way that would resemble real life conversation or reaction to events. I’m pretty sure no one edited this book. If there was a really good editor and a lot of rewriting, then it may have been salvageable. The woman’s narration was pretty good, but the man’s was insufferable. He sounded like he was reading to a toddler. I had to speed up his voice to 1.25x just for him to sound halfway normal. Anyway, not a good review. I hate giving bad reviews as I know how hard writing a book can be, but this was very poorly executed.

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brenda s

Excellent book!!!!!

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Kari H

This book was fantastic!! Twisted, weird, strange, and fantastic! A must rlisten! Narrators were great to listen to and their voices fit the roles perfectly.

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Emma ferguson

Excellent book, could not stop listening!!

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Terry Chirgwin

Really loved this book. Cant wait to see is the movie in cinema will live up to expectations.

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Donna Chambers

I listened to it twice. Scary and I loved the main character. ..

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Brandy Stracener

I honestly could not stop listening to this and finished it in one day. The story takes place in the present with two FBI agents interviewing a survivor from the 'Butterfly Garden'. The survivor Maya recounts her life and experiences leading up to and while in the garden. I liked how the author developed the relationships between the characters including those held captive in the garden. It is definitely a horrifying and fast paced thriller, worth checking out.

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Nancy Dobosiewicz

I loved this book. Dark and twisted with just the right amount of suspense for me. Not an edge of your seat nail biter but certainly not rubbish as others have stated in their review. I enjoyed the narration and the characters. Initially the transition from female to male narrator had me startled and even a bit confused but that was quickly overcome. I'm looking forward to more books from this author.

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Sarah Merriman

A pretty good book all together. It definitely kept me interested. The narrators were fine but their voices and style didn't mesh well. Each time the narrator transitioned to the male it was a bit startling and took away from the story for a minute.

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Vyann Mombourquette

A vivid and haunting story. I enjoyed the female narrator more than the male. I will definitely follow up with more novels by Dot Hutchison.

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