The Call of the Wild - Unabridged

Written by:
Jack London
Narrated by:
Joseph Wycoff

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
3 hours 28 minutes
'The Call of the Wild' is writer Jack London's first novel and the enormous popularity of the book put London on the literary map and propelled him to worldwide fame.
London spins the tale of a dog named Buck, a powerful St. Bernard mix, who lives a pampered life in California until he is stolen and sold into servitude as a sled dog in the frozen Yukon. Quickly adapting to his new surroundings, Buck survives a bitter rivalry with a fellow sled dog and becomes lead dog himself. But as he becomes more accustomed to life in the tundra, Buck begins to yearn for freedom and a life among his canine brethren in the wild.
A breakthrough novel when it was first serialized in 1903, 'The Call of the Wild' has become a literary classic and has been adapted to the screen numerous times. It is presented here in its original and unabridged format.
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