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Call the Midwife: Shadows of the Workhouse

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2014
10 hours 17 minutes
When twenty-two-year-old Jennifer Worth, from a comfortable middle-class upbringing, went to work as a midwife in the direst section of postwar London, she not only delivered hundreds of babies and touched many lives, she also became the neighborhood’s most vivid chronicler. Woven into the ongoing tales of her life in the East End are the true stories of the people Worth met who grew up in the dreaded workhouse, a Dickensian institution that limped on into the middle of the twentieth century.Though these are stories of unimaginable hardship, what shines through each is the resilience of the human spirit and the strength, courage, and humor of people determined to build a future for themselves against the odds. This is an enduring work of literary nonfiction, at once a warmhearted coming-of-age story and a startling look at people’s lives in the poorest section of postwar London.
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Charmane B.

This book has you hooked from the beginning. the narrator is wonderful and has a great voice.

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Angela M.

The narrator is wonderful! I loved all of the different stories.

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Jennifer W.

Great, engaging stories of people living through the later time periods of the workhouses in the UK in the first half of the book. Loved the second half of the book and the wonderful story of Joe. Loved Jennifer’s writing and the narrator’s reading!

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Patrick M.

What a fantastic book! I loved it and could not stop listening.

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Rita S.

This was boring or tedious, once you start you can't stop. The story can be incredibly sad at times so some readers may dislike it. The narrator WAS FABULOUS. If I could give a higher rating I would!

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Jamie Z.

Highly recommend listening! I learned alot about life in England for poor people in the 19th and 20th centuries, and was completely engaged in the various stories and characters. The writing made me care so much about the people in the book. Excellent narrator, writing, and story lines.

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Shelly M.

This was a really great book and the narrator did a great job keeping me engaged. Now I want to check out the Netflix series.

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Brittney F.

Many compelling stories kept me interested in what happens the the people in each scenario. I’m usually a fiction reader but this book had me at the heart strings. The narrator does the book much justice as well!

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I enjoyed this story VERY MUCH. (If you liked THE MIDWIFES on the PBS station, you will enjoy this book). I especially enjoyed Part 3 - The Old Soldier Joe. Am giving this story a 5 star rating. Betty

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R M R.

Enjoyed the book and liked the narrator very much as well. Very good match.

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