Captain Underhill Unlocks the Enigma: The Queen is in the Counting House and Don't Touch That Dial!

Written by:
Steven Thomas Oney
Narrated by:
Ensemble Cast

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2005
1 hour 53 minutes
“The Queen is in the Counting House” is a timely tale about up-and-coming Boston Red Sox catcher Zachary Devlin who could perhaps take the team to a World Championship, but only if he can survive-literally-the annual Cape Cod exhibition game. A child's prank goes horribly wrong, trapping a young boy in a cast iron safe in “Don't Touch That Dial!” The listener follows in real time as Captain Underhill must use his wits to defeat an enemy he can't out-think or out-maneuver-the locked safe-in time to open the door before the boy runs out of air.
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