Captive: A Mother's Crusade to Save Her Daughter from the Terrifying Cult Nxivm

Written by:
Catherine Oxenberg
Narrated by:
Catherine Oxenberg

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2018
10 hours 48 minutes
Including a new afterword, Captive is an emotional, ripped-from-the-headlines exposé that lays bare the inner workings of the secretive NXIVM cult that shocked the world.

I am a mother whose child is being abused and exploited. And I am not alone.

In 2011, former Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg joined her daughter, India, at a leadership seminar for a new organization called NXIVM. Her then twenty-year-old daughter was on the threshold of starting her own professional life and they both thought this program might help her achieve her dream. But quickly, Catherine saw a sinister side to the program that claimed to simply want to help its clients become the best versions of themselves.

Catherine watched in horror as her daughter fell further and further down the rabbit hole, falling under the spell of NXIVM's hypnotic leader, Keith Raniere. Despite Catherine’s best efforts, India was drawn deeper into the cult, eventually joining an elite “sorority” of women members who were ordered to maintain a restricted diet, recruit other women as “slaves,” and were branded with their leader’s initials.

In Captive, Catherine shares every parent’s worst nightmare, and the lengths that a mother will go to save her child. Catherine’s efforts finally led the FBI to take notice—and the journey is not yet over. A powerful depiction of a mother’s love and determination, and with horrifying insider details never revealed in any news story, Captive will keep you reading until the very last page.
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I am in awe of Ms. Oxenberg's determination to expose NXIVM for what it was. I am in recovery from brainwashing by a sex cult and her insights into how cults seduce and manipulate women has been revelatory for me in understanding my own experience. As a mother, I can't even imagine the horror of watching her daughter's mind controlled in this way. This book is fortifying my resolve to speak out about my own experience.

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Elizabeth M.

Catherine Oxenberg does a beutiful job describing her experience losing her daughter to this unfathomable evil. She shares her trauma with us and she is one of the few people in a position to bring awareness to continued cult victims and victims of sex trafficking. There is still alot more to this story, the Obama, Branson, Clinton, Epstein connections are all there, including the media cover-up and distraction.

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