The Cari Porter Series Books 4-6

The Cari Porter Series Books 4-6

Written by:
Mike Ryan
Narrated by:
Vanessa Johansson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
14 hours 38 minutes
Books 4-6 in the Cari Porter series...

The Porter Dilemma

Porter has made her way to the UK. She finds the hotel that she and Chesney supposedly stayed at, hoping that the room would somehow bring back a few of her memories.

But Dark Sky is still in pursuit of her, and this time, after leaving a few dead bodies in their wake, they finally catch up to her. Will Dark Sky finish Porter off for good? Or will they try to bring her in to help her regain her memory, and put her back into the program?

The Porter Obstruction

Cari Porter's in France. She's hoping that her former apartment holds some answers in helping her to remember who she used to be. And maybe she's found something. There's a name, a passport, and a bank account. But is it actually hers? Or is it something that Dark Sky has planted in her apartment, hoping to draw her into a trap?

The Porter Resolution

Porter, with the help of some new friends, escapes from the grasp of the police, and immediately seeks to find Evan again. And she won’t stop until she frees him from the clutches of Dark Sky. Before she’s able to do that, and disappear again, she’s going to have to contend with Dark Sky agents, as well as several traps that are set for her to step into.

Will Porter be able to rescue Evan before one of those traps ensnares her? And will she ever be able to finally figure out what exactly happened to her? A mysterious key may hold all the answers.
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