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Book Rating (502)

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Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Stephen King

Narrated By: Campbell Scott

Date: January 2006

Duration: 12 hours 0 minutes


The next call you take could be your last in this terrifying #1 New York Times bestseller by Stephen King—now a major motion picture starring Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack.

“If any of them looks over here, sees us, and decides to come after us, we’re done. We won’t have a hope in hell.”

On October 1, God is in His heaven, the stock market stands at 10,140, most of the planes are on time, and graphic artist Clayton Riddell is visiting Boston, having just landed a deal that might finally enable him to make art instead of teaching it. But all those good feelings about the future change in a hurry thanks to a devastating phenomenon that will come to be known as The Pulse. The delivery method is a cell phone—everyone’s cell phone. Now Clay and the few desperate survivors who join him suddenly find themselves in the pitch-black night of civilization’s darkest age, surrounded by chaos, carnage, and a relentless human horde that has been reduced to its basest nature...and then begins to evolve. There’s really no escaping this nightmare. But for Clay, an arrow points the way home to his family in Maine, and as he and his fellow refugees make their harrowing journey north, they begin to see the crude signs confirming their direction. A promise of a safe haven, perhaps, or quite possibly the deadliest trap of all....


  • Chris B

    I am sorry to say so, but this book had all the elements I love: apocalyptic event, mysterious nemesis, rag tag group of protagonists. But it never came together. I failed to make a connection with any of the characters, even if one was lost. The climax was predictable and the resolution was almost obligatory. I love King but I didn't love this book. Campbell Scott, who excellently read The Shining, also sounds bored and on the verge of falling asleep or raiding the fridge.

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  • Timoteo Barajas

    It has been a very long time since I've read a King novel, I think the last was The Tommyknockers. I stopped reading because I kind of bored with the stories, not because the story was bad but because it was so formulaic, I was reminded of this again as I listened to Cell. The underlying structure of the story reminded me of the Stand and It. I don't think we need a pulse to create zombies, just look at most folks on a cell phone and how can you not think they are already zombies. Nope, the world is scarier now then its described in the book. The narrator did a great job and I'd be willing to listen to another book with Cambell Scott.

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  • Amy

    This book and narration had me hooked from the beginning to the end - it was one of those stories that kept me thinking about the plot line long after listening! Absolutely loved it and recommend this read!

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  • Rus

    I just finished "Cell" and besides being a bit disappointed in this book, I felt the ending was a complete let down :( I have either read or listened to most of SK's books through the years and "Cell" probably is my least favorite book he has written. It started off like gangbusters and for a short time I felt that I was truly going to enjoy listening to this story. But somewhere towards the middle SK lost me...Once I got to the end of the book I guess I was hoping for bit more closure and explanation than what we were given. Also the "reader" was very good but there seemed to be a different voice that was interjected every now and then with a much different tone than the primary reader....Like as if when recording the original they left lines out and had to go back and edit...the additional voice was distracting...but then again this is just my opinion. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a face paced story which is fill with many gory moments.

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  • Rachel M

    Mundane. I thought King was supposed to be this wonderful writer, but this one kind of fell flat with me. It wasn't awful, I guess it just wasn't my taste. Thanks anyway Stephen.

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  • Anonymous

    Couldn't get through the first C.D. I don't know how good the book was.

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  • Nanette

    I had stopped reading Stephen King years ago. I thought I would give him another mistake. The ending made me scream. It sucked and I would like someone to give me back the 10 plus hours I spent listening to this book. The narrator wasn't the worst but not alot of emotion or at times even different voices for characters..and there aren't really that many. My advise...stay the hell away from this book. And Mr. owe me about 12 hours of my time back!!

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  • Anna Shirey

    OK - this is Stephen King, so it can't be boring! But I really don't think it's up to his normal standards. This has a little of the apocalyptic feel of "The Stand", but with a very tiny plot (i.e. the survival of one group of people.) There is none of King's usual good v. evil philosophizing, nor of the epic significance he usually puts into his stuff. And the end is REALLY unsatisfying. But, that being said,it sucked me in. It's a cool premise, no doubt, and a good listen in general - just not as good as King fans might expect.

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  • elizabeth Manuge, Yarmouth , Nova Scotia

    this is a review of "Cell" by Stephen King I did not like this book. In fact i couldn't get to the end of it, its so grisly. The mental image of mad people eating other people is not my idea of enjoyable listening. Just one thing is there, a rather jaundiced interpretation of the use of cell phones. Perhaps I should have been more careful and researched the work of Stephen King first. Elizabeth Manuge

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  • Rick S.

    I liked the story.


by Stephen King

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Cell, Stephen King
Cell, Stephen King
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Cell, Stephen King
This title is due for release on January 24, 2006
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Cell, Stephen King
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