Chasing Your Tail

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
8 hours 33 minutes
Pastry chef Brad Marks is the new hot thing at the Whitman Street Cat Café: he makes tasty desserts for both the human and feline guests at the café. All the patrons love him, and freelance writer Lindsay Somers understands why: five years ago, she was smitten by his charms too—until Brad broke her heart. Lindsay is happy with her new gig at a trendy weekly magazine, so when her boss assigns her to do a story on the cat café, she grudgingly agrees. But Brad hasn’t stopped thinking about Lindsay in the years since they broke up. He’s anxious to prove he’s changed: the man he was all those years ago wasn’t worthy of a woman like Lindsay, but the man he is now might be. Then things with Lindsay’s job begin to unravel, a wave of lay-offs making it clear her job is likely in jeopardy. She needs to cook up a clever story idea quickly—and Brad is just the person who can help her.
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