China as a Twenty-First-Century Naval Power: Theory Practice and Implications

Written by:
Michael A. Mcdevitt
Narrated by:
Ian Putnam

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
9 hours 56 minutes
Xi Jinping has made his ambitions for the People's Liberation Army (PLA) perfectly clear, first, that China should become a 'great maritime power' and secondly, that the PLA 'become a world-class armed force by 2050.' China as a Twenty-First-Century Naval Power focuses on China's navy and how it is being transformed to satisfy the 'world class' goal.

Beginning with an exploration of why China is seeking to become such a major maritime power, author Michael McDevitt first explores the strategic rationale behind Xi's two objectives. McDevitt dubs this China's 'sea lane anxiety' and traces how this has required the PLA Navy to evolve from a 'near seas'-focused navy to one that has global reach; a 'blue water navy.' The more than ten years of anti-piracy patrols in the far reaches of the Indian Ocean has acted as a learning curve accelerator to 'blue water' status.

McDevitt then explores the PLA Navy's role in the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean. He provides a detailed assessment of what the PLAN will be expected to do if Beijing chooses to attack Taiwan potentially triggering combat with America's 'first responders' in East Asia. This book concludes with a forecast of what Xi's vision of a 'world-class navy' might look like in the next fifteen years when the 2035 deadline is reached.
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