Chosen by the Vampire Kings

Written by:
Charlene Hartnady
Narrated by:
Tatiana Sokolov

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2018
12 hours 21 minutes
Every hundred years, tradition dictates that all eligible females in Sweetwater assemble for the choosing ceremony. Two vampire kings have separate territories within the surrounding countryside. Both are eager to pick their future brides.

What a waste of her freaking time.

Tanya is among the many women at the choosing ceremony. As far as she's concerned it's an outdated, sexist event and if it wasn't mandatory she so wouldn't be here. It's not important that the two males are ridiculously rich and handsome.

Deep down she knows a plain Jane like her will never be picked by one of the kings anyway. Many of the women in the town square are stunningly beautiful and model thin. Most seem enthusiastic about being a queen even if it means being mated to a blood sucker, which suits her just fine.

Imagine her surprise though when King Brant sets his sights firmly on her. Once a vampire king has decided, there's no going back. But her home is in Sweetwater. Being forced to live amongst the vampire species . . . big gulp . . . forced to mate with a vampire . . . is not what she had in mind for herself.

Maybe she can convince him to let her go, to pick again. If not, she'll have to find a way to escape his-very muscled and rather delicious-clutches.

Contains mature themes.
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I loved the story but the narrator wasn’t my favorite. I was not wild about the way she narrated the males. Sometimes it made it hard to keep up which who was talking. Overall I loved it though

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Gayle D.

As erotica goes seems like the author tried to pack a lot in this first story. A bit rough at times but great character development and more humor than expected.

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loved the three books I listened too in this series... hope there is more to come

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Elizabeth H.

Great story!

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Katie B.

The story was different and interesting, although a little rushed. The narration was frustratingly staccato and made it very difficult for me to enjoy the story. I felt like I was listening to a robot read which ruined the book for me.

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January D.

Good read. Very hot.

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I loved this book the way it was told the love of how it end

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It’s a sexy Story but nothing more... too much sex scenes and less understanding what the hell is going on in the story. I wish we could get more background, the characters are shallow and I feel no development along the line... A lot of double standards like when the “female” supposed to be a feminist and yet agree to be a baby machine. The narrator was meh... the male voices sound the same... I wouldn’t read the next books...

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Ashton R.

This was NOT my thing. The instalust to the max, the whole not having a choice about the mating and the baby factory stuff... no. Just no.

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Melissa M.

Narrator pronounces “to” weird throughout the entire book and it’s quite annoying. Also the storyline is super cheesy but hey .. it is a sexy novel just not my cup of tea I need more back bone less flimsy cheese.

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Theresa H.

so far I've listened to the first two books and I love them I can't wait to hear the third one and hopefully they'll be more to come

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Christy S.

This being the first audiobook I’ve ever listened, to I loved it. At first the voice threw me off with her sharing the female and male voices, but I got used to it pretty quick. I really felt like I knew the characters, and felt so involved. The hot, dirty moments sent me over the moon several times, while the sweet, and funny moments made me grin so hard it hurt. I found myself laughing many times, so loud my coworkers thought me crazy. I really did enjoy this book and would highly recommend it. I would suggest it more for those with a bit more of an open mind, and don’t wince at strong, dirty, and quite descriptive language. Can’t wait to hear more.

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Natalie B.

The fantasy element was good. The main character wasn’t my favorite. Mostly because she was inconsistent and a bit selfish. I felt the story was a bit rushed at the beginning but overall it was a really sexy story. I liked the narration, I thought she did amazing with male voices.

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Rhonda G.

The language is so foul I could not enjoy the story. The premise was really good

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Excellent. This book was just the right amount of sexy description for me without making me cringe. I found the story line interesting and I am looking forward to the next book in this series!

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Sarah H.

great book

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Angelica S.

I have been waiting a long time to see this series in audio format and I was not disappointed. The story in itself is great with many events that make you really enjoy this vampire/human world. This is the entire chosen series as compared to the little serials that were initially released bask in 2014. The narrator did a great job in doing her voice a little different for all male and female characters. Can’t wait to see how they did the wolf and elves.

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Chelsea E.

Whoa baby! Was not expecting that!! Loved the narrator. Just wish the male vamps voices were a little more different from the females when they were together. Makes it hard to understand at times.

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