Christmas at the Restaurant

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2021
3 hours 43 minutes
Nantucket's famous Christmas Stroll is always the first week of December, and this year, sisters Mandy and Emma and executive chef Paul want to do something extra special for Mimi's Place, the restaurant they co-own. It will be Emma and Paul's first Christmas together as a couple, and Mandy's first holiday as a newly single and divorced mother of two—although she does have a promising new relationship, even if she wants to take things slow. Their sister Jen and her new husband, Billy, are planning to spend the whole month of December on Nantucket too, juggling working remotely for the executive search firm they own together in Manhattan, relaxing and spending time with family, and helping out at the restaurant. And Gina, their awesome bartender, is spending her first winter on Nantucket, and it's a bit of an adjustment—winters on Nantucket are so much quieter than the city life she was used to. She's even more confused when someone she had a major crush on back in the city moves to Nantucket. Suddenly, her boring winter is starting to look a lot more interesting.
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