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Christmas Bedtime Stories For Kids: Funny And Relaxing Christmas Stories For Children To Help Them Feel Calm, Fall Asleep Fast And Avoid Night Awakenings

Written by:
Sarah Amon
Narrated by:
Joana Serling

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
2 hours 24 minutes
Would you like to teach your kids the right meaning and feelings of Christmas? Do you want to share with them special moments they will treasure forever? Then you cannot miss this audio book!

Christmas is the time of year where everyone gathers around a fire, singing songs and laughing. After a long day of celebration, nothing puts someone to sleep like good bedtime stories of joy and happiness. Here you will listen to stories of love, joy, happiness and whatever else makes Christmas atmosphere a magic time to share with your beloved ones. While reading these stories to your kids, you will feel like a child again by remembering the way you were so excited to just wake up on Christmas Eve and unwrap the gifts you received. In addition, each story teaches many positive morals and help your kids learn the real value and message of Christmas.

What are you waiting for? Scroll up and buy the audio book now, and let the magic begin. Merry Christmas and enjoy the listening!
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I loved this recording of Christmas stories. I grew up listening to such kind of stories almost every night, the emotion and energy the narrators give their respective characters is absolutely enthralling.

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Very nice stories that kids should listen to not always during Christmas, but throughout all the year because of the lovely messages they contain!

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Nice stories told in a wonderful way! Excellent narration.I am truly satisfied about this purchase as my kids love to listen to it

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Jasmine B.

Such an inspiration for all kids! It really explains the multiple values they should be taught to better enjoy life! Highly recommend to every parent!

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Nadine S.

Very relaxing meditations and the voice of the narrator is great. It's a good tool for teaching a little one how to be still.

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Valerie N.

I purchased this audio book for my kids, as my friend suggested me: very nice stories, my kids do love them, and I have happily noticed that now they fall asleep very fast.

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Belinda J.

Amazing collection of short bedtime stories with lovely Christmas atmosphere. The collection contains a wonderful variety of stories easy to listen and will keep your child entertained. They are very cute. Just be ready to be asked to listen the stories to your little one over and over again. Love it !!

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