The Christmas Kilt

The Christmas Kilt

Written by:
Caroline Mickelson
Narrated by:
Helena Little
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2020
2 hours 35 minutes
One kilt, two people meant to be together, and a dozen complications equal a Christmas fiasco in the making.

No matter how Santa Claus tries to crunch the numbers, he can’t make them add up to equal a love match between museum curators Jack Lantz and Kirsten Nichols. The two lonely hearts are perfect for each other but they’re also too caught up in a race to acquire an antique kilt to notice their chemistry. Santa, however, is convinced that the two make an ideal couple. Perhaps adding a handful of North Pole elves and a pinch of holiday magic to the situation will help the course of true love run smooth?

What ensues is a romantic romp that begins in Scotland and ends at the North Pole, and begs this question: Will Kirsten and Jack discover the kilt’s location? Or will they find true love along the way?
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