Claimed By The Dragon King

Claimed By The Dragon King

Written by:
Jessica Grayson
Narrated by:
Amber Lee Connors , Ryan West
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
10 hours 33 minutes
Everyone fears the Dragons that live in the ice mountains, beyond the edge of our kingdom. Fierce creatures that can take the shape of a man or that of a terrifying beast.

Accused of practicing witchcraft, I’m sentenced to death by my Uncle—the King. Tied to a stake and sentenced to burn, he offers me as sacrifice to the fierce Dragon King.

The moment King Aurdyn arrives, he claims me as his. He rescues me from the flames and says that I am his T’kara—his Treasured One—bound to him by Fate.

He is known as a terrible and bloodthirsty Dragon. None can stand against his wrath. Fire burns in his eyes when he looks upon me, and I find myself drawn to him in ways I do not fully understand.

The more time we spend together, I begin to wonder: What does it mean to be Claimed by the fierce Dragon King?

**Each book in the Of Fate and Kings series can be enjoyed as a standalone romance, but it is recommended to listen/read them in order to enhance the reading experience.**

**Steamy content. Not a dark romance**
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