Classic Journals Box Set: A four-volume collection from the private journals of four distinguished historical figures, presented in a dramatised setting.

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
9 hours 19 minutes
A four-volume collection from the private journals of four distinguished historical figures, presented in a dramatised setting.

“Letters and journals always make lively intimate listening. It is Nelson who opens up with almost shocking frankness in courteous, suddenly passionate love letters to Emma Hamilton” (The Independent)

“...these journals offer us so many insights into the paraphernalia that accompanied the royal progress north... Virginia McKenna reads beautifully” (Sunday Times)

“The audio’s editors have made a good selection, from the courageous good cheer and sea shanties at the beginning to the last entries, blizzard-bound in a tent 11 miles from the next depot.” (Sunday Times)

“The English countryside at the end of the 18th century is brought almost photographically before us and Jenny Agutter brings her splendidly to life.” (Good Book Guide)

The Letters & Journals of LORD NELSON performed by CHARLES DANCE OBE
The exciting story of Lord Nelson’s life is told through his personal letters and journals providing a thrilling account of the audacious exploits of England’s greatest hero.

Leaves from the Highland Journals of QUEEN VICTORIA performed by VIRGINIA McKENNA OBE
Queen Victoria’s Highland Journals cover the period from 1848 to 1882 and provide a fascinating insight into those long “never-to-be-forgotten days” she spent with her family in her much beloved Scottish Highlands.

Scott of the Antarctic - The Diary of Captain ROBERT FALCON SCOTT performed by EDWARD FOX OBE
In 1911 Captain Robert Falcon Scott went back to the huge, frozen wasteland of the Antarctic with the intention of reaching the South Pole, by a long and terribly arduous trek across the ice.

The journals that Dorothy kept are remarkable for the detailed observations she makes of the surrounding countryside and people, often providing glimpses of poverty and suffering, as well as displaying her complete love affair with nature. ‘She gave me eyes, she gave me ears,’ said her brother William

Also available as part of the CLASSIC LETTERS & JOURNALS BOX SET, a seven-volume edition containing some of the most fascinating journals and letters to have been written in the last two hundred and fifty years.

Abridged: Sue Rodwell, Lissa Demetriou & Guy Fithen
Music: Nina Humphreys & Robert Rigby
Director: Alan Drury & Guy Fithen
Producer: Michael Cameron & Stewart Richards

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