The Clockwork Hero and the Bravest of Girls

The Clockwork Hero and the Bravest of Girls

Written by:
Juliet Boyd
Narrated by:
Juliet Boyd
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
4 hours 46 minutes
Two vampire hunters, from two different times.

I have been hunting vampires since I was fashioned by the clockwork specialist, Beatrice Hansworthy. It is the only purpose of my existence. It is already over one hundred years since then and the era of steam is but a distant memory. I wish the same were true of vampires. I am alone in my mission, but I will persevere until it is complete. I will remain strong.

Some would say that twelve years old is too young to be hunting vampires — I might be one of them. Even though this is my destiny, and if my family doesn’t do it, there’s no one else, that doesn’t mean I want to go out alone. I should tell my parents how I feel, but we have this rule — we never hunt together, because there are too few of us left to risk it. I know I have to try to be strong, but I’m really not feeling it.

What will happen if they decide to work together?

Get your copy of this middle grade audiobook, for kids aged ten and over, today. Discover whether these two hunters have the skills between them to finally rid the world of vampires and exactly how much they are willing to sacrifice to achieve their aim.
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