The Commodore

Written by:
Patrick O'brian
Narrated by:
Patrick Tull

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2004
11 hours 52 minutes
For years, critics have hailed Patrick O’Brian’s seafaring adventure series as “the best historical novels ever written”
(New York Times). With elegant language, eccentric characters, and authentic period atmosphere, the series transports
you to the high seas of the Napoleonic era.
After a dangerous tour of duty in the Great South Sea, Jack and Stephen return to their families in England. For
Jack, the homecoming is joyful, but for Stephen, it is heartbreaking. His wife, Diana, has left for parts unknown, and
his young daughter has all the symptoms of autism. To escape these painful circumstances, Stephen joins Jack on a
bizarre decoy mission to the lagoons of the Gulf of Guinea. There surprises lurk in various guises: risky confrontations
with slave traders, secret battle plans for a French invasion, and, possibly, word of Diana’s whereabouts.
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