The Complete Bible Story Book For Kids: 2 In 1

Written by:
Karen Jones
Narrated by:
Ivy Starlight

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
7 hours 54 minutes
If you want an important tool to teach your children about the wonderful Bible and all the promises it holds, then keep reading!
These stories presented are interspersed with quotes from the Bible, enhancing the storyline, and helping children to get used to the language used in the original translation.
No drama is spared in these stories. There is love, betrayal, evil plots, and brave handsome heroes. There are unsung heroines, who, although they are not always even named, play an integral role in shaping the Bible.
It will allow your children to understand that the promise of God to live a powerful, righteous life in this day and time is still available, no matter how far society degrades into confusion.
This audiobook will show your child that the stories of the Bible can be just as exciting as their favorite movie or book!
If you desire to give your child a tool that can reward your child for a lifetime and beyond, just get this awesome audiobook today!
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