Conviction: A Club Destiny Novel, Book 1

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2015
10 hours 46 minutes
Samantha Kielty only thought she knew who she was and what she was made of. Until she was offered a position that would take her from her small office in San Antonio to that of her company's larger, more upscale headquarters in Dallas, Sam hadn't seen anything. Her new boss was not only intensely sexy, he was also about to show her things she had only read in books.

Logan McCoy's life was steady going until he set his sights on his new vice president of project operations. The woman makes his blood boil and makes him want things he hadn't realized he was in search of. Logan only hopes that Samantha is capable of handling his dominating, controlling ways … especially between the sheets or in the shower.

When Logan and Sam get together sparks fly, and they bring out each other's deepest, darkest desires. He will push Sam past her sexual boundaries, and she will bring out his need to possess her in every way. But can they find love within the inferno that burns between them?

Warning! This book contains sinfully hot encounters between two—sometimes three, and even four—consenting adults. Contains graphic material not suitable for anyone under the age of eighteen.
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Jennifer Banh

The overall book was well written but the female narrators voice was very nasal like.

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Kelli H

Loved the story and the plot. I loved Jay Crow but didn't really like the female. I would defiantly recommend this series

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Sara W

Very interesting kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I love the charterers and the plot! Makes me feel as if I’m in the story itself

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Laurel-Manette W

Simply horrible narrator. Sexy story, bought this after I read one of the others in this series, but I simply couldn't get past this AWFUL bored, nasal, disinterested narration! Ugh

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Katie Turner

This book was fabulous, the narration wasn't 100% though. I did love Jay Crow, he was fabulous.

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Michelle Nolan

Story was great... Very entertaining and deliciously naughty. The mans voice was awesome... The woman's... Not so much. Not sure that I would listen to another book with the same female voice.

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Brooke Simpson

Hot story line that kept me intrigued and entertained... once I was able to get past the female voice that often sounded uninterested and almost bored of the story. I was also often distracted by the nasal, sick like sound of her voice.

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