Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2019
2 hours 13 minutes
A zany musical comedy, touching love story, and fast-
paced adventure thriller combined - with "Elvis Presley
meets Star Wars" plot twists - COSMIC COWBOY the
MUSICAL stars the love-struck alien Prince Remo, from
faraway Planet Vegas (complete with glowing blue-grey
skin and personal flying saucer), and the object of his
adoration, aspiring Nashville country singer Jenna Lee
Jenkins. When Remo comes to town, the Nashville music
scene goes wild - and so does Jenna's sleazy manager,
Lance. Can Remo get the girl and Lance get the gigs - or
will the men in black get to the alien first? Get ready for a
rockin' good time!
The first-ever completely integrated, full-cast musical
screenplay converted into audiobook format, COSMIC
COWBOY the MUSICAL features 11 of West's original,
soundtrack-ready songs ("UFO" and "Don't Offer Me the
Moon and Stars," for example), plus Hollywood-quality
sound effects.
In a glowing testimonial, Maureen Millen, an award
winning and Emmy nominated TV producer, calls it "a
funny and joyful masterpiece with fantastic songwriting."
She adds, "(I've) never seen/heard anything like it," and
predicts that it will "set the stage for a new genre." Ready
for production as an animated or live-action movie - a
sure-fire classic in the making!
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