Cruel Promise: A Titan Falls Prequel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
11 hours 18 minutes
To notorious bad boy Tempest Callahan, I was the overlooked best friend, an annoying sidekick to his baby sister who trailed behind him and lurked in the shadows, eavesdropping on his every delicious word. Now we're older and at the same college. Despite the very real possibility he wouldn't return my feelings, I had to try. But I didn't know his secrets when I admired his gorgeous face and his Adonis body. I had no idea how damaged you could be on the inside while appearing so charismatic and unattainable on the outside. And it never occurred to me that, during one of those evenings when I followed behind him, what I witnessed would make him want to kill me. Cruel Promise's lush, gothic scenes and deliciously dark hero can be enjoyed as a standalone. IMPORTANT: This story contains some potential triggers involving dubious consent, contains references to witchcraft (but this is not a paranormal romance), and does not include a redemptive arc for the villainous love interest.
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Natalie B.

This book was really good. It was really dark, and I loved every second of it!! some parts of the book were really difficult to listen to, I felt really sorry for Arden at times because of what she went through. Tempest is a massive alpha hole, but we all love a bad boy like this who proudly waves his red flags for all to see!! The story was quite gripping and had me hooked from the beginning. The world building was good and I loked all of the different characters. Im looking forward to reading more books set in this world.

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Christina B.

*Audio Book* Over all I really liked this audio book. The story is a bit of a slow burn dark love story between Tempest and Ardyn. I had to restart it a couple of times though to get into it. It almost felt as if it was starting in the middle of a story so I had to make sure I wasn't doing anything else while listening to the beginning to be able to follow along with what was happening, to figure out who was who and what exactly happened at the beginning to set things off. Once the story got going things flowed nicely and I had a hard time turning it off to do other things. Both narrators did a great job with this audio book and helped bring it to life. If dark romance is something you enjoy I suggest this book. I was given this as a Preview to listen to and I am voluntarily leaving a review.

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This was the first book I've read/listened to by Ketley Allison. It is definitely one of the darkest, antihero books I've read/listened to so far. My heart broke, I held my breath in anticipation of what's to come, and I felt sick at times as well. My emotions were all over the place. Liam Dicosimo and Veronica Landon are excellent narrators. They brought this book to life with emotional performances that had this audiobook rolling like a movie in my head. Perfection with male and female voices.

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Christina K.

Great story. I listen to the audio. The book was a mixture of a mob gothic, secret society and the supernatural theme. It was different but overall good.

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Erikka S.

Cruel Promise By: Ketley Allison ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

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Jocelyne G.

This is the first book in the Titan Falls Series. Tempest and Ardyn's story is well written, dark, intense, steamy, and enthralling, filled with violence, danger, and twists and turns. Tempest is dark, and enigmatic. Ardyn is a beautiful survivor, strong, and brave. I liked the mystery. The world building is captivating. The supporting characters are interesting. I liked Clover, and I am looking forward to listening to her story in Broken Beauty, the next book in the series. Veronica Landon and Liam DiCosimo did an outstanding job bringing this story to life. I enjoyed it. If you like dark romance, this one is for you. #ValentinePR

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Crystal F.

3.5 star read for me. I definitely suggest you read all the content warnings and would only recommend this to dark romance readers. The spicy scenes were there but the dialogue around them took me out of the scene and felt a little cringy at times. There was a lot of redundancy through this book that felt like filler between bigger scenes. While the MMC is a villain all the way he was lacking that bit of vulnerability that usually endears these types to dark romance lovers. I never felt he truly wanted the FMC and the token acts of possessiveness felt forced. I did listen to it on audio which may have helped a bit as it was easier to get into the story with the emotions portrayed by the narrators. On the flip side though, some of the dialogue I mentioned earlier was on only magnified because of this as well.

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Rachel H.

WOW! I just couldn’t stop with this one. It was quick and addictive so of course I listened all the time. I really like this world and I feel like I’d you love dark academia vibes you will too. The characters are so intriguing and they really suck you into everything that is going on. I enjoyed the romance, I enjoyed the plot and I felt like this was just a good audio. The narrators did a great job of really performing these characters. You could feel the emotion which made the experience that much better!

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Kandace D.

This was a wild ride, and Ardyn probably had the worst luck of anyone in life. Ending didn’t feel resolved, and I know this leads to the next book in the series, but Ardyn and Tempest needed at least another chapter. Interesting enough that I’ll revisit other books in the series

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Libby R.

Ardyn is 16 when we first meet her locked up in her ivory tower because of the horrific trauma that still haunts her from when she was 10 . Against all better instincts Ardyn sneaks out for the very first time to meet her best friends at an exclusive art gallery opening . Little does she know that this is actually a black market auction where the worst men have come out to play . A moment that triggers her past has Ardyn running to the bathroom for clarity when she accidentally stumbles upon something she was never meant to see . Now a mission for a night of fun has ended in more trauma, a horrific car crash the death of two innocent people . But after a two year gap while Ardyn was in treatment for how to cope, she is now hoping a fresh start at Titan Falls University will solve all her problems . Tempest is a walking nightmare dressed as a drop dead gorgeous devil . A man that can fix and make any problem go away . Except the problem of his little sister Clover always getting into trouble her best friend Ardyn who is the girl he should have never saved . Now he is paying the price for the decisions he made they are slowly starting to catch up with him . The only thing Tempest knows to do since all of his verbal warnings aren’t working is to scare Adryn so bad that she will never want to step foot anywhere near him or his sister ever again . Except his plans aren’t working the longer he tries to push Ardyn away the more he realizes that she is the only one who he wants close by . WOW WOW WOW . This is my first Ketley Allison book it is not for the faint of heart ! Tempest is a dark, devious man who does not apologize for any of his actions . Ardyn has such a hard life with so many traumatic experiences happening to her but we start to see her overcome them . The ending did feel a little rushed with trying to tie everything up make their love story seem more resolved than it actually would be . I also wish that the epilogue would have been a look to their future instead of a continuation of the ending spicy scene . Clover is my favorite character I think from this book because she is so mysterious that I want her story next . PLEASE CHECK THE TRIGGER WARNINGS AS THEY TAKE PLACE THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE BOOK ! This book was given to me for honest review by Valentine PR Literary Management .

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