The Culling

Written by:
Tricia Wentworth
Narrated by:
Jennifer Jill Araya

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2019
17 hours 59 minutes
150 years after a virus wipes out most of the world's population, Reagan Scott finds herself chosen for the State of the Union's fifth Culling. She will compete against forty-nine of the country's brightest girls. And then, of course, there are the fifty boys. She'll have to pair up with one for her shot at becoming the next Presidential Couple.

Though the government truly means well, not everything is as it seems. She will be tested to the fullest extent while an evil storm brews.

With eliminations happening frequently, how far can she make it? And if she makes it far enough to meet the boys, how can she be expected to, at just eighteen years of age, find a partner . . . for life? Does she have what it takes to be the next Madam President?
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Jenny S.

Loved this book! I couldn’t help but be engulfed by the love story, but the world that was built is really what has me reeling! I can’t wait to find out more about this post apocalyptic society and what things they’ve done better, and what things they’ve done wrong. Being inside the head of someone smarter than me was also I nice change! Sometimes, in this genre, you’re waiting for the main character to “catch up” to what you’ve already figured out. Not with this book, I kept guessing wrong the whole book. I love that! I can’t wait to listen to the next one!

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William M.

I would say this book might be ideal for preteen girls. It’s written from the perspective of a sheltered 18 year old but she is very immature for her age. There is no character development. She is pretty much the same weak, naive girl beginning to end. The unrealistic “love triangle” was cringy. Her inner dialogue was hard to read. The ending was glaringly obvious. Although it clearly tries to be “Hunger Games” it has no depth. If you love HG you will hate this.

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