The Daily Check-In: A 60-Day Journey to Finding Your Strength, Faith, and Wholeness

Written by:
Michelle Williams
Narrated by:
Michelle Williams

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2022
3 hours 34 minutes
Read by the author.

In The Daily Check-In, singer and actress Michelle Williams helps you process the emotions that cause you to feel overwhelmed and gives you powerful strategies for discovering freedom and wholeness.

In her book Checking In, Michelle Williams shared the painful seasons of struggle that left her feeling like she couldn't go on. In the midst of her wrestling, she came to realize her crucial need for connection--with God, herself, and others--and developed strategies for checking in with each.

Her life-giving strategies have helped her overcome the thoughts and emotions that once threatened to derail her. Now she shares those strategies with people who are on their own journeys toward mental wholeness--and who want to discover how to be free to live an abundant life.

In this sixty-day guided journal, Williams leads you through the process of identifying the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that leave you feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled, and alone. Through her unique blend of tender, sometimes humorous, and often thought-provoking wisdom, Williams shows you how to overcome difficult circumstances and relationships with life-giving honesty and connection, offering

- powerful readings about overwhelming emotions and healing from hurt;
- key scriptures that emphasize the importance of checking in with God, themselves, and others;
- journaling prompts for personal processing; and
- short prayers to help you lean on God for insight, strength, and courage on their journey toward mental wholeness.
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