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Damned if You Do

Written by:
Alex Brown
Narrated by:
Amielynn Abellera

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
11 hours 38 minutes
Seven years ago, Cordelia Scott sold her soul to a demon in exchange for getting rid of her abusive father. Which is extra awkward because she doesn’t remember it: part of the bargain was to erase the memory. Ever since, life has been as normal as it can be—she is stage managing the school
play (which is going great, if anyone asks), pining over her best friend Veronica (also going great), and failing one too many pop quizzes.
But the past can’t stay buried forever, and it inconveniently comes back to haunt her when her school guidance counselor, Fred, reveals that he’s the same demon she sold her soul to all those years ago. This is, admittedly, hard to believe. He’s wearing a graphic tee and is surrounded by motivational
posters, but when he summons the flames of hell in his office, Cordelia can’t really argue. To make matters worse, he’s here to make another bargain: help him with a “little” demonic problem of his own, or she’s doomed to spend eternity in hell with her father.
All she has to do is help Fred neutralize a rival by imprisoning him in a Maleficent figurine. And, if she doesn’t, said rival will destroy the world with Demon Capitalism. It’s totally fine. No big deal. What could possibly go wrong?
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