Written By: Nora Roberts

Narrated By: Dick Hill

Date: October 2006

Duration: 10 hours 21 minutes


Second in the Circle Trilogy from the #1 New York Times bestselling authorRaised in a family of demon hunters, Blair Murphy has her own personal demons to fight—the father who trained, then abandoned her, and the fiancé who walked out on her after learning what she is. Now she finds herself training a sorcerer from 12th century Ireland, a witch from modern day New York, a scholar, and a shape changer from the mythical land of Geall, while trying to keep herself from staking the sixth of their circle and host: a vampire sired by Lilith, the vampire queen they’ve been charged with defeating on Samhain.No stranger to butt-kicking, Blair finds herself taking a good whipping when it comes to that handsome and flirtatious Geallian, Larkin. And a couple of run-ins with Lilith’s right-hand gal gives Blair more than she reckoned for, mentally and physically. But will she be able to stay afloat long enough to defeat Lilith’s loyal in pre-battle bouts? Or will she find herself falling for the one thing she vowed never to give in to again? If the vampires don’t do her in, Larkin is certainly up to the task.


  • Craigr58

    As always, I got hooked soon into the book but the ending was a let down unless there is a continuing storey I hope. Thank you Nora Roberts

  • warmbreeze

    Since I did not like "Chronicles of Narnia" I guess that is why I did not like this one either. I do not like make believe "vampires and dragons".

  • Anonymous

    I really enjoyed this book and even after reading the first book, although it was not as good, the story line was progressive. I particularly enjoyed the way Roberts let strength of the Circle grow between this book and the first and she continues to articulate dialogue very well. Worth reading.

  • Anonymous

    This is the second book in the series. It is not as good at the first, but it is still great. Very much worth a listen.

  • Anonymous

    Not for me. Not into the vampires and the narrators voice did not fit the story.

  • Anonymous

    Vampires are not for me. Don't like the fantasy stuff. Some of the JD Robb books have excellent mysteries and I enjoy them, but this series was so dark I couldn't finish it. Sent the last one back without even opening it.

  • Anonymous

    It was very good. Different from the usual Nora Roberts. I also Listened to this 2nd Book before the First. Now I can't wait to hear the 1st and the Following. I found it very entertaining, especially while driving.

  • Anonymous

    I sent this back after disc 2. Very far out, hard to get into the characters and the narrator was terrible. Very disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely horrible. Very slow moving. The narrator has a very poor voice with lots of highs and lows - difficult to follow and understand.



  • Nancy Strawn

    I did not get past disk 2. I just could not get into this book. I understand there is a preceding book which might help if I had read it first (but I doubt it). It was just too "far-out" for me.

  • Anonymous

    Even though I read this during Lent, I enjoyed it. It took a while to get into the story and keep up with who the characters were. I'm ready for the sequel.

  • Anonymous

    Under no circumstances are you to listen to this title without having listened to the first in the series. Even then it is questionable. I couldn't get passed disc 1. Possibly it is because I mistakenly ordered this one without having listened to the first, but I have a feeling that had I listened to the first one, I'd have not ordered the second.

  • Nacheska Gentry-Combs

    This book was intriguing from beginning to end, though it was obvious by the ending that it was not complete. If you read the book as a stand alone, you will be left wanting at the end. Ms. Roberts definitely gives colorful descriptions of characters, feelings, and scenes that pulls a reader into the story.

  • Anonymous

    I didn't receive the 2nd novel until I had listened to the third. I wish I had since characters were introduced in this novel that played a leading role in the third. Although it's fairly entertaining, I wouldn't say that this is her best series of novels.

  • Anonymous

    I knew before I finished disc 1 that I could never get through this book. Unless you are a die hard Nora Roberts fan, I wouldn't waste my time on this one.

  • Anonymous

    This book is a good example of why you shouldn't sign up for a book series without reading the first book. Like the other books in this series, this also crams too many genres into one novel. All of them fail.

  • Anonymous

    I really enjoy Nora Roberts but this one was too slow, confusing and tedious that after 4 CDs, I just sent the book back. Author doesn't do well making the Vampires, sorcerers and imaginary characters connect with the listener/reader. I didn't even bother with the next 2 in the trilogy - sent sent them back without opening them.

  • Anonymous

    I too had a little trouble with the narrator. I believe he is the same man who did the Red, Black and White trilogy by Ted Dekker. Probably would have been better if he had not tried to narrate with an Irish accent and just used it when necessary. I'm on the last disc and will look into some other of the Roberts books.

  • Juliane Marchesani

    I had a really hard time with this one. The narrator's accent was hard to follow. I wasn't sure which world we were in, fantasy or real life and at what point. It was hard to follow and understand. One minute they are fighting vampires in one world, riding on dragons, the next they are riding in a car. I got through two discs and stopped. Sorry...not for me.

  • Sarah Gillham

    Although I really enjoyed this audio book, my only complaint would be the broad accent the narrator uses whilst reading. A couple of time i hade to skip back to listen a couple of time to understand what was said.

  • Dayna Fitzgerald

    Just as exciting as book 1 - keeps you wanting more. As usual Nora Roberts is terrific.

  • Gilly

    This is the second Nora Roberts book to which I have listened. This time I managed almost half the discs before deciding that I found the plot rather mundane - certainly there was no 'edge of the seat' excitement (- call me an adrenalin freak ...??). Not an author I would chose again.

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Dance of the Gods, Nora Roberts
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Dance of the Gods, Nora Roberts
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