Dangerous Illusions

Written by:
Irene Hannon
Narrated by:
Therese Plummer
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Release Date
October 2017
10 hours 13 minutes
Detective Colin Flynn investigates a tragic death that's been linked to a grieving woman with apparent memory loss, but it quickly becomes clear there's more to the case--and the woman--than meets the eye. Trish Bailey is on overload trying to deal with a demanding job, an ailing mother, and a healing heart. When a series of unsettling memory lapses leads to a tragic death--and puts Trish under police scrutiny--her world is once again thrown into turmoil. Detective Colin Flynn isn't certain what to think of the facts he uncovers during his investigation. Did Trish simply make a terrible mistake or is there more to the case than meets the eye? As he searches for answers, disturbing information begins to emerge--and if the forces at work are as evil as he suspects, the situation isn't just dangerous . . . it's deadly. Bestselling and award-winning author Irene Hannon captures readers with a mind-bending story that will have them doubling back to retrace their steps--and figure out what they missed!
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Sheena T.

I actually did enjoy the book however there are a few things that put me off firstly is that the book is said to be a Christian book however it only has a hint of anything Christian to and there was great potential to make the book about good and evil just not a great follow thru, secondly the author went into a lot of detail about certain things then did follow thru on the detail such as stating about a type of drink being consumed but never giving name to the drink (even if its a made up name would have been better than so much detail and then vaguness) there were also some instances that contradicted themselves such as in one chapter it was said that there were deep graves and then in later chapters it says its a shallow grave. overall it is a good listen but J feel like more attention to detail and follow thru would be better and if it is a Christ novel than more about Christ would be welcomed as well.

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Lois E.

Irene Hannon hasn't written a book yet that I didn't enjoy immensely. The narration was perfect for this story.

Dangerous Illusions
This title is due for release on October 3, 2017.

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Dangerous Illusions
This title is due for release on October 3, 2017
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Dangerous Illusions
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Dangerous Illusions

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