Dangerous Magic

Written by:
Donna Grant
Narrated by:
Kim Bretton

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
6 hours 30 minutes
With the darkness holding firmly onto his soul, Cade knows he's destined for Hell. Men like him don't perform the deeds he has, regardless if they came by order of the king, and not elude the darkness . . .

A loner, Cade takes what the land provides and vows to keep the two men he thought of as brothers alive from the great evil after them. He knows his time is short and the evil is looking for him, but there is just enough humanity left in him to aid his friends. When the flame-haired witch finds him, Cade is instantly spellbound by her beauty. He can either forget her-or give in to the reckless, impossible love that could destroy her . . .

Contains mature themes.
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