A Dangerous Ruse

A Dangerous Ruse

Written by:
Tilly Wallace
Narrated by:
Marian Hussey
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
7 hours 53 minutes
Her opponents have her cornered, unless Sera makes an unexpected move…

Seraphina continues to pick at the secrets entangling her. Then, during a ball, she spots a piece of enchanted jewellery eerily similar to the bracelet she once wore. But before she can find out about its origins, its owner is murdered.

At least this time no one is blaming Sera.

To find the missing bracelet before it falls into the wrong hands, she must first find the murderer. Her friends gather to investigate—could it be someone in the visiting Austrian delegation, or are older grudges in play? They need to stop the person responsible before another life is lost—or worse, before many more lives are irrevocably ruined.

Meanwhile, the Mage Council plots to corner Seraphina using the oldest tool they have—forcing her into submission. If they lay their hands on the bracelet first, she will be powerless to resist. What she needs is a plan, some schnitzel, and a dangerous ruse…

A historical fantasy novel set in Georgian England where magic is real and creatures from myth walk the streets. Perfect for fans of Charlie N Holmberg and CJ Archer. Grab the next instalment of your favourite mage’s adventures now.
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