The Dangers of Female Provocation

Written by:
Zoe Coyle
Narrated by:
Zoe Coyle

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
9 hours 48 minutes
Vengeance is coming.
Odessa Odin has it all – a successful career, an adoring husband and a close circle of friends to whom she is fiercely loyal. On the surface they're living a glittering London life of wealth and cosseted privilege, but underneath this veneer lies painful truths of betrayal, neglect and unfulfilled ambitions. It's a tightrope of holding themselves and their marriages together as their men transgress the promises they made at the altar with the blithe entitlement they've enjoyed all their lives. For the women, there's just too much to lose.

When Odessa discovers her husband is having an affair, her carefully constructed life falls away, and the mask slips to reveal a vast reservoir of rage, fed up with the ways the patriarchy stack the odds against her sisterhood. Training her sights on her friends' husbands, Odessa becomes an avenging warrior – aiming to chasten them into being better partners, picking them off one compromising situation at a time…

But as Odessa's mission becomes all-consuming, it blinds her to the reality that the score is about to be evened in a way she could never anticipate.

The Dangers of Female Provocation is a razor-sharp, delicious testament to the force of women stepping into their own power.

Praise for Where the Light Gets In
'This beautiful, inspirational book is stuffed full of hard-won wisdom. Stunning.' The Daily Mail UK

'A heart-tearing, character-driven page-turner about a troubled family, losing and finding one's way, and the cycle of life.' LoveReading
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