Dark Legacy

Written by:
Christine Feehan
Narrated by:
Jim Frangione

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2017
15 hours 18 minutes
The new Carpathian hardcover from the #1 New York Times bestselling 'queen of paranormal romance' (J.R. Ward). The victim of a terrible vampire experiment, Emeline Sanchez fears she will never be free of their taint. But can an ancient Carpathian heal her heart, body, and soul, or will she always be caught between the vampire and Carpathian worlds?
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Tamye Whitener

I both listened to the audiobook and read the ebook and paperback. I quickly changed from paperback to ebook because the print version was way too small. The narrator did a decent job on the audiobook but had a tendency to make Emeline's voice sound a bit whiny at times. The overall story was interesting and I would probably have enjoyed it more if I had read the book or two preceding this one. I'm fairly certain that the previous books would have contained Emeline's and Blaze's rescue of the children from the underground city. Even so, the book stood by itself fine without it. The characters are great and are what have kept me reading this series. Now for the downside, sort of. I found that the author tended to be a bit repetitive. In that, she would mention information that had been given previously in the book. I think this might come from writing such a long series and wanting each book to be able to stand by itself. So she might not have remembered she had already given the information in this book. Either that or she thought a reminder was necessary. My other complaint was all the sex. I just don't care for as much sex in my books as I used to like. But for those of you who like erotica with your romance, you should be extremely satisfied. Overall it was an enjoyable story that I recommend to others.

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Carol B.

I totally agree with another critic, that there was a lot of repetition. I am not going to make excuses for the writer, though. It was bothersome. The storyline was good, as was the narration. From my point of view, the writer could have left out half the sex and it still would have been enough.

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Faith F.

I personally did not like the narrators female voices. He made them sound so weak. Many had very strong cores while also being right to be fearful. I felt he voices them as simpering women in need of rescuing. They were women who rescued others, survived torture, protected others. I doubt they simpered.

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Sharon P.

I’m a few chapters in and I know already that it’s as intense, has character development and plot as the previous books I’ve read. Good narrator.

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Eduviges C

I love love love all of Christine Feehan Books. Mr Frangione is awesome

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