Dark of the Moon Inn

Written by:
George Zarr

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2018
2 hours 57 minutes
From award-winning writer/director/producer George Zarr comes a five-story anthology of suspense and mystery. Each tale features a full cast, engaging sound effects, and original music.

Finding His Voice – The voice-over business intensifies into a deadly game of cat and mouse between three people. The hunter and the hunted crisscross through the worlds of film, radio, and television—until everything ultimately depends on the sound of a single voice.

The Doctor Is In – A physician from Minneapolis, well-versed in metaphysics, mysteriously barges into the lives of an unsuspecting couple, leaving them in doubt as to whether their weird guest is really a physician. Or is really well-versed in metaphysics. Or for that matter is even from Minneapolis.

Personal Delivery (co-written with Andrew Joffe) – A man asks his dying sibling to deliver a personal message to their mother—and receives her absolute and unexpected final answer!

Every Now and Then – A sunny day, a quaint antique store, browsing through the artifacts of the past. To some, these are the ingredients for a pleasantly spent afternoon. To Frank, it is the beginning of a journey that will tear his world inside out. Is his amusing and puzzling journey down memory lane an actual journey or a careening descent into madness?

School Spirit – After a horrifying nighttime brush with the supernatural, Michelle shakily bolts out of her house and into her first day of high school—a first day that might also be her last. Recorded live in front of a terrified audience.
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