Dark Prince

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
7 hours 59 minutes
There are only two ways a human can cross the gates of Bloodstone Institute: as a familiar to one of the Blueblood vampires who attend the elite school or as a snack.

I'm neither, but I have to get in at all costs. My brother made a big mistake, and now I have to fix it by stealing from the most powerful and cruel vampire to ever come to Bloodstone, Lucca Della Morte. If that wasn't almost suicidal, I need to get it done before the spell concealing my human nature wears off.

But I forget that I'm only pretending to be a vampire. I'm still human and susceptible to Lucca's dangerous allure. His darkness calls to my soul. His savagery makes my blood sing. I'm falling for the dark prince, craving him in a visceral way that's frightening and exciting at the same time.

If he discovers my secret, he'll destroy me. And yet, I can't help wanting to get closer. I never thought I had a death wish until I met him.

Contains mature themes.
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It was a very good book and enjoyable story.

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Ong X.

Great book. Great story line.

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Marjolein V.

I have read this book a while ago, but wanted to do a re-read. The audiobook provided the perfect opportunity to do just that. I love the world that was created by this author. The main characters in this book are amazing and we are also introduced to other characters who will have their own sub-plots in this series. I can not wait to read about them! The narrators do an incredible job portraying the characters and I love it!

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