Dark Screams: Volume One

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2014
3 hours 14 minutes
'Weeds' by Stephen King: When a meteorite lands on his property, Jordy Verrill envisions an easy payday. Unfortunately for Jordy, this is no ordinary rock-and the uncompromising force inside has found its first target.

'The Price You Pay' by Kelley Armstrong: Never pay more than you owe. Sounds like easy advice to follow. But for Kara and her childhood friend Ingrid, some debts can never be repaid . . . especially those tendered in blood.

'Magic Eyes' by Bill Pronzini: Edward James Tolliver has found a weary sort of asylum among the insane. He knows he's not one of them-but how can he tell anyone about the invaders without sounding that way?

'Murder in Chains' by Simon Clark: Imagine awaking to find yourself in an underground vault, chained by the neck to a murderous lunatic, a grunting goliath who seems more animal than man.

'The Watched' by Ramsey Campbell: Little Jimmy gets a glimpse of the cold truth when he finds out that it's not always what you see that can get you into trouble; it's who knows what you see.
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Michael A.

Nice way to pass the time with short stories.

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Laura Thomas

Five spooky stories that are mostly well done. The last story was definitely the weakest of the bunch, so it wasn't a good one to leave off with. the narration was excellent though. really well done.

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Dana Maier

Amazing! So much fun. Of course Stephen King. Doesn't write bad books!

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