The Day He Left

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2022
10 hours 17 minutes
Annie has fallen out of the habit of listening to her husband. She and Paul have been married for a long time; it's easy to nod as he drones on, responding to his voice while completely ignoring every word he says. That becomes a problem, of course, when Paul disappears and the police have questions. Was Paul having issues at work? Is there any reason to think he might harm himself? Annie doesn't know. But someone does. An unsettling photo found amongst Paul's things turns the investigation toward his job as a middle-school teacher and a troubled girl who is hiding secrets of her own. But what exactly happened to Paul on the day he left for work and never made it to the classroom? Is his disappearance related to a local heroin-trafficking operation? As Eddie Mahler and the members of the Santa Rosa Violent Crime Investigations Team rush to find him, they discover that members of his family have hidden lives of their own and that Paul may not have been running away but toward something that could ruin his career and marriage—and even cost his life.
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