Dead and Breakfast: A Merry Ghost Inn Mystery

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2017
7 hours 30 minutes
Melanie West is getting her life back on track after a messy divorce when her grandmother, Liza Harris, asks her to join her in opening a bed-and-breakfast inn. Together, Liza and Melanie purchase a purportedly haunted mansion on the Oregon coast and jump right into clearing out the cobwebs. But while attempting to remove wallpaper in an upstairs bedroom, the new B&B owners stumble upon a very real skeleton in their closet.

The police suspect the skeleton is that of the wife of the previous owner of the B&B, but no one in town seems to want to say much about her. As the inn owners try to juggle renovations with their own amateur investigations, their grand opening looms closer and closer—and a friendly ghost in their walls starts playing tricks. But it all comes crashing to a halt when a new body is found stabbed to death on the beach below the inn—the victim chillingly close in resemblance to Melanie herself.

It seems someone doesn’t appreciate newcomers prying into the small town’s past, and now it’s up to Melanie and Liza to get to the bottom of these murders to save their business—and their lives.
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Jan W.

Enjoyable book with interesting plot. Character development was weak leaving me with no lasting impression of what the characters looked like nor to their personalities. This made it hard for me to form an attachment to the characters or the town where the mystery took place, so I’m not sure if I will continue to read this series.

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I would like to see more character development and more plot details. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

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