The Deadly Silence

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
12 hours 56 minutes
Thirty-three years ago two little girls disappeared from a notorious run-down neighborhood in south London. One was found dead within a few days; the body of the other was never discovered.

Today, the man convicted of murder three decades ago is back on the streets, and another girl vanishes. Hard-nosed investigative journalist Angela Tate reported on the old case and is back to cover the new story, determined to persuade the mother of the missing girl, Trisha Collins, to reveal a secret she’s been keeping about the original killing. But Trisha is terrified and refuses to talk. With time running out to find little Casey Collins alive and no new leads, the spotlight turns on Trisha as the police and the press question her lifestyle and fitness as a mother.

Desperate to prove her innocence and fearful the true culprit will escape justice, Trisha begs Tate for help. But Tate soon discovers she’s up against a ruthless adversary who’s watching her every move. As the facts become more elusive the harder she searches, Tate is forced put her own life on the line to solve the thirty-year-old crime and uncover the truth about Casey.
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