Dealing with the S-Words: Self-Esteem, Significance, Sex, Secrets, Suicide

Written by:
Jason Creech , Sandra Saylor
Narrated by:
Innovo Publishing

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2011
2 hours 43 minutes
ABOUT THE BOOK: Rich or poor, popular or unnoticed, we're all looking for the same thing-new life. But if young people don't get things right on the inside, they will never be the happy, successful people they were created to be. Happiness and success are an inside job. This is a book about "S-Words"-the "don't go there" words-those topics that get Sunday school teachers replaced and youth pastors fired: self-esteem, significance, sex, secrets, and suicide. Dive deeply into the topics we've all wrestled with and discover what God says about life's toughest issues.

**** ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jason Creech became a Jesus follower at age 19. After earning his bachelor's degree in art and design, he took his first staff position at a local church in Southeastern Kentucky. He has 14 years of pastoral experience in the area of student ministry. In 2006, Jason founded Mirror-Mirror, a nonprofit organization that allowed him to bring high-energy events, college scholarships, cash prizes, and the hope found in Jesus Christ to over 56,000 public school students throughout Kentucky and abroad. Jason now serves on the staff of LifeSteward Ministries, coaching ministry leaders across the U.S. and internationally to experience God's presence and His increase. Additional titles by Jason include New.U and Navigate, available Summer 2011.
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