Dear Olly

Written by:
Michael Morpurgo
Narrated by:
Paul McGann

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2010
1 hour 13 minutes
Read by Paul McGann, ‘Dear Olly’ was written by Michael Morpurgo in 2000.
A stunning performance and narrative.

Ollie’s brother wants to go and work with children who have been made orphans, through war, in Africa. He wants to be a clown and make them laugh. His mother and sister want him to stay in England and go to university.

Hero, a swallow, has a journey to make too. He must fly to Africa for the winter to join all the other swallows. His journey is difficult and fraught with danger.

Three separate stories are woven into one powerful and moving novel whose central theme exposes the horrors of war and of landmines, but also the endurance of the human spirit.
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