Death of a Traitor

Written by:
M. C. Beaton
Narrated by:
Graeme Malcolm

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
6 hours 19 minutes
In this addition to a New York Times bestselling mystery series, Sergeant Hamish Macbeth—Scotland's most quick-witted but unambitious policeman—investigates the disappearance of a local woman who is more than she seems.

Kate Hibbert is all too eager to lend a hand to her neighbors. Although she has been a resident of the sleepy village of Lochdubh for only a year, in that time Kate has alienated one too many of its residents with her interfering—and not entirely well-intentioned—ways. When Kate’s neighbor sees her lugging a heavy suitcase to the bus stop, he hopes that the prying woman is gone for good. But two weeks later, Kate’s cousin arrives in town with the news that Kate has gone missing.

Hamish Macbeth is called in to investigate the disappearance, and soon he is befuddled by the discovery of Kate’s body, her suitcase . . . and the sneaking suspicion that Kate was someone much more sinister than she claimed.  
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Kim P.

I really enjoy M.C. Beaton’s writing and she trained her apprentice well. His style is slightly different, but the characters remain consistent. Hamish is Hamish, true highland to the core. I have been in the highlands several times over the last three decades and all of cultural observations are accurate. This book and the whole series are graced with well written, humorous episodes that cause you to belly laugh out loud because you know these characters and that is just like them. I also like the very mature way that relationships are handled, as they are also handled in the Agatha Raisen series. Her characters are concerned about career ambition or lack there of; independence vs. not being alone, age differences and class differences. This isn’t a sexy 30 something redhead ( except that Hamish is) , but he always wears his work boots, sleeps with his dog and his cat and loves a good thrift shop find. He is intelligent and talented, but not ambitious. He can be a bit internally self deprecating, compassionate and fiercely protective of the people on his beat. His head can be turned by a great pair of legs, but class, intelligence and compassion are what keep his attention. The books in this cozy mystery series are mysteries, cultural observations in fiction format and romances for adults.

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