The Deepest Secrets of Dark Psychology Become That Person Who Controls Every Situation. Discover How to Mold People’s Decisions in Your Favor and Shape Your Path by Mastering Manipulation

Written by:
Roger C. Brink
Narrated by:
Angel Willis

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2020
3 hours 12 minutes
Would you like to be a master of mind control? Do you want to protect yourself from brainwashing and get to know the most effective techniques? Then you need to keep reading...
We might not realize it, but the human mind is easily influenced and can be basically programmed to do anything. An experiment conducted by psychologist Stanley Milgram in 1961 shows evidence of the moldable nature of the human mind.
In this audiobook, you’ll discover:
● How to raise your goals and aspirations with these step-by-step manipulation techniques. (These expert and effective practices will make sure you are the boss of your life!)
● How to recognize a potential criminal behavior thanks to the Dark Psychology Triad and NEVER allow anyone to control you again.
● Which are the six keys for influencing that are crucial if you want to get whatever you desire.
● How you can use body language to take control of any kind of situation.
● Powerful methods to practice for ‘deep suggestion’ and the little-known truth about hypnosis.
● Secret hacks about brainwashing, its impact, and different processes.
● How to influence thought and behavior with a powerful technique that uses the power of language designed by psychologists. (Discover secrets about the human mind and learn how to reprogram it so you can reach your ultimate goals!)
Even if you’ve always been socially awkward, you’ve never had any kind of social influence or always been ignored by everyone, with this guide you’ll learn all the little secrets of a malleable human mind and how to influence anyone in your favor, practicing the same techniques of the world’s most influential people.
If you want to access the powerful tools that have been mastered by businessmen and politicians, and finally unleash your staggering potential as a dark psychologist, then you should start listening to this audiobook today!
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