A Description of the Money Market

A Description of the Money Market

Written by:
Walter Bagehot
Narrated by:
Ethan Williams
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
7 hours 9 minutes
'A Description of the Money Market' is a book written by Walter Bagehot in the 19th century. The book provides an in-depth analysis of the workings of the money market in the United Kingdom during that time.

Bagehot, who was a prominent economist and journalist, explains the key players and institutions involved in the money market, including banks, brokers, and the Bank of England. He describes the various financial instruments traded in the market, such as bills of exchange, bank deposits, and securities. Bagehot also explores the factors that influence the supply and demand of money, including interest rates, creditworthiness, and economic conditions.

One of the key contributions of 'A Description of the Money Market' is Bagehot's explanation of the role of the central bank, particularly the Bank of England, in the management of the money supply and the stability of the financial system. Bagehot's principles of central banking, including the lender of last resort function, have had a lasting impact on modern monetary policy.

Overall, 'A Description of the Money Market' is a seminal work on the history and workings of the money market and has been influential in shaping economic and financial thought. It is still considered a valuable resource for students, academics, and professionals in the field of finance.
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