Devilish Obsession: A Dark Mafia Romance

Written by:
Eliana Salome

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2021
5 hours 51 minutes
Hana Lee has dreams, dreams of a life greater than one she was born into. From a young age, she only knew poverty and death, yet she still had an education and a chance to get out. That is, until her father took those dreams from her: he sold
her to the Korean mafia in Seoul, Hana being his payment for the debt he incurred. For six years she’s been a slave, holding up the façade of the wife to the head’s son, Seo-Jun. She’s never felt love or pleasure from a man, only pain.
Trapped in an existence that is slowly killing her, she sees death as her only way out. A shred of hope remains inside her heart, keeping her alive. She clings to it with desperate need.

Enter Sean O’Connor, one of the four brothers running the Irish mafia in his dying father’s stead. Being a hothead, most disregard him as immature and selfish. He’s one of the best enforcers for his clan, but things change for him when he takes
Hana. Seeing her as a means to flush out the head of the Korean mafia and let them know who runs the West End, he never expected to have feelings for her, or that he would want to save her. Can these two damaged souls find solace in each
other? Will they allow themselves to feel again?
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