Devotions from the Beach: 100 Devotions

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2019
3 hours 45 minutes
Life is better at the beach--but you already knew that. Escape with a beach read focused on the beauty of God's seaside wonders. The devotions will take you right to the water's edge, where God's voice is often clearer than ever.

Devotions from the Beach is a beautiful gift with:

- 100 devotions focused on the beach
- Life parallels with elements of the shore
- Messages of hope, comfort, strength, and rest

This beautiful audiobook gives you a front-row seat to God's majestic creation. So breathe deeply and open your heart and soul to the One who shaped it all. Devotions from the Beach is the perfect gift for every beach lover, women who appreciate gentle reminders of days at the beach and the call of God's love, and anyone who finds peace standing beside the ocean.

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